Vol. 4, Num. 7 July-December 2020

Communication effectiveness in small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism sector in a highly competitive environment

José Guadalupe Magdaleno Elizondo

State of knowledge on sustainable development in Pueblos Mágicos

Arely Alcázar Guzmán y Elizabeth Olmos-Martínez

Centennials job expectations for Cancún tourism businesses. Approach based on McClelland’s theory of needs

Ricardo Sonda de la Rosa

Vol. 4 Special Number. September 2020

Evolution and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic in main tourism municipalities of Mexico

Alfonso González Damián

Tourism policy in the face of COVID-19: the case of Mexico

Alfonso Zepeda Arce

Estimating the vulnerability of the tourist municipalities of Jalisco to the covid-2019 pandemic and public policy options

Basilio Verduzco Chávez

Travel intentions to a regional tourist destination in the pos-COVID-19 context: the case of Colima, Mexico.

Irma Magaña Carrillo

Vol. 4 Num 6 January-June 2020

The Ecomuseum as a space for the activation of tourism governance processes. Heritage co-management as responsible management

Héctor Moreno Mendoza

Tourism and fighting poverty in Peru. Two regional case studies

Jessica Figueroa Pinedo

The tourist image of Mazatlan, Mexico: according to the perception of national tourists

Víctor Vladimir Sánchez Mendoza

The study of the night in tourism: a research agenda

Mario Alberto Velázquez García

Vol. 1, Num. 1 July-December 2017

Reflections regarding the status of tourism research

Maribel Osorio García

The approaching tsunami: Emergence of public policies oriented toward enhancing the experience of tourists

Basilio Verduzco Chávez

The relationship between tourism enterprises and sustainable development in management and social theories. A schematic proposal for its approach

Alfonso González Damián

Universities and tourism: Reflections on tourism research in Mexico

Alfonso De Jesús Jiménez Martínez

X International Conference of the Mexican Association of Tourism Research

Mónica Velarde Valdez